Well, it’s been a really, really crazy year.  I came out to LA because I want to be a part of the entertainment world. Being a standup comic in NY is exactly that, being a standup comic in NY. It’s not really connected to the larger entertainment world, unless you’re Louis CK. I wanted to give myself the best chance at making something happen so I made the pilgrimage. And after a little less than 3 years of toiling and working harder than I ever did at a law firm, I have something pretty cool to show for it. A new television show. It’s called “Chained to My Ex” and it’s premiering December 23rd on MSNBC at 9 PM.  It’s about a new phenomenon that has swept the country: divorced couples that are stuck living together. People are doing this for a variety of reasons: the economy, their children, co-depency, fear of starting off. We have a mediator who comes on to try to help these people ultimately move on with their lives. It’s a real fascinating look behind closed doors at real life. It’s not reality tv BS. Not that I don’t love reality tv BS (especially Millionaire Matchmaker, Million Dollar listings, and Pawn Stars)

I’m really proud of it and couldn’t have done it without the help of a lot of people: My manager, Jodi Lieberman, Sam Mettler, the creator of Intervention and my partner on this project, the whole crew, especially the showrunner, Brianna Bruderlin, the executives at MSNBC who took a chance on a show about divorce, which nobody had really been willing to do, my parents, for being the inspiration for this show, and all my friends and family who have given me the support needed to continue to try something that involves failing on an almost daily basis, and my girlfriend, not sure how single people survive in LA.

Of course, my near future depends on the success of this show, especially the pilot. Ratings matter…alot. So all I can do at this point is hope everyone tunes in and enjoys it. I know I gave it my all and did my best. Please put it in your  calendar, December 23rd, Chained to My Ex, MNSBC. 9 PM

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